XF 2.2 [versioning] Is it safe to execute xf-addon:bump-version more than one time before execute xf-addon:build-release?


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Imagine this scenario.

1. You get yourself to fix some nasty bugs on your add-on.

2. you start the process with xf-addon:bump-version and it's an alpha release (v1.0.0a1). - I believe this is the correct procedure because the template and other stuff in _output directory have the version string, so they get updated as well.

3. then again, you decide to add a new feature too, so it has to be a major release (v1.0.1) and it's gonna be the release that you're planning to publish online, as opposed to publishing v1.0.0.a1

Is it safe to execute xf-addon:bump-version command in the middle of your coding session for v1.0.0a1 and make it v1.0.1? I've seen templates and other stuff in _output dir has a version string too. But they wouldn't get updated if you issue the bump-version command automatically. is this correct?
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