1. Earl

    XF 2.2 [versioning] Is it safe to execute xf-addon:bump-version more than one time before execute xf-addon:build-release?

    Imagine this scenario. 1. You get yourself to fix some nasty bugs on your add-on. 2. you start the process with xf-addon:bump-version and it's an alpha release (v1.0.0a1). - I believe this is the correct procedure because the template and other stuff in _output directory have the version...
  2. Dammie

    RM 2.2 How to prevent download older version?

    Hi, im using Resource Manager on my forum with versioning. After uploading a new version I like the version history and the amount of downloads. When I look at this page I see my visitors still can download the older version. Is it possible to stop this download function of older versions but...
  3. Alpha1

    Implemented Category option: Disable versioning

    In many use cases there is no version of resources. This goes for fileless resources, but also for external or internal download. Its obvious that the RM was created with a software marketplace in mind, but its often used to host file downloads that will never change. There is no versioning...
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