Looking for an add-on which lets users download all attachments of a post in a .zip


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I have been looking through the Add-ons Page and searched the whole Forum for various terms like "zip", "attachments" and some combinations and I couldn't find what I'm looking for.

I just can't believe there is no add-on out there which adds a button to zip all attachments of a post/thread.

Has anyone found such an add-on yet?

I'd appreciate the help! Thanks

Edit: The title now says it allows "users" to download the attachments instead of "me"
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I don’t recall seeing anything like that. It would probably require custom development.
Thanks. At least that confirms that I'm not too stupid to use the search.

I just downloaded a bunch of your add-ons from your website, @ozzy47 and I remembered some of my users wanting to have a "download all attachments" feature, because I have a bunch of users attaching pictures in threads for archival purposes.
I guess a gallery addon would be better suited? Is there one which allows you to embed a gallery into a thread or even exclusively create it there?
Well you are late to the game.

There was this fantastic attachments addon called EAS2 (Enhanced Attachment System 2) by @au lait . He quit the scene so you can't buy his addons anymore (but maybe try it in a pm). This particular addon is by far the 2nd most useful addon I have installed. It exactly does what you are looking for (which was my suggestion back then) and does a lot of other nice things.
For example it actually also includes an internet shortcut file to the zip file 1585948675270.png and once you click on it, it directs you to the thread where you downloaded that zip file.

I pray to this day that this addon won't get broken when XF 2.2 and 2.3 and 2.4 ... are released :(
Apparently no developers have showed interest in adopting his addons.
-> https://xenforo.com/community/threads/an-era-comes-to-an-end.137678/page-2#post-1340455

@ozzy47 ;)
His good bye thread got trampled by some price argument. And to think that people honestly believe that because an addon can be sold for 25 bucks for a single license that the total cost of developing that addon was actually anything close to 25 dollars... I'd say people are better than that, but I guess not.
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