Not a bug CTRL-V of images results in error

Mike Fara

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Affected version
XenForo 2.0
Environment is Windows 10 under the latest Chrome.


Lets try this on


No issue. I was asked to post this here as a bug, but it appears to be something on my forum.
On your own forum, can you attach images and insert them into messages using the 'Attach files' button, rather than a ctrl+v?
Can you open the Chrome developer tools and go to the network tab when you try to paste an image in? Do you see anything red there off hand? Would it be possible to screenshot the contents of that tab?
  • Queueing. The browser queues requests when:
    • There are higher priority requests.
    • There are already six TCP connections open for this origin, which is the limit. Applies to HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.1 only.
    • The browser is briefly allocating space in the disk cache
  • Stalled. The request could be stalled for any of the reasons described in Queueing.
There doesn't appear to be an explicit error there, but it may be worth looking under the Console tab which does look as though it could have an error message.
I believe it to be a potential error in our content-security-policy string in .htaccess and NOT a XenForo bug. Therefore this bug is most likely not a bug - but a configuration error. The string we use is very long and complex, and probably not for a very good reason. All is well and thanks for your suggestions. Basic debugging would have resolved the problem - time constraints prevented this. Thank you.
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