1. A

    Third party Pasting lists from ODTs into RTE inserts extra empty lines and spaces

    Pasting a list from an ODT document: into the rich text editor results in extra empty lines and consecutive empty spaces: This was not an issue in XF1. Attached you'll find a test ODT.
  2. Mike Fara

    Not a bug CTRL-V of images results in error

    Environment is Windows 10 under the latest Chrome. Lets try this on No issue. I was asked to post this here as a bug, but it appears to be something on my forum.
  3. Kintaro

    Lack of interest Add image and description to "Link title conversion" feature

    how about adding the possibility to choose an image and meta-description from the pasted link? And IMHO this infos need to be fetched live as happen on FB, Whatsapp, Telegram and not after the push of a button. This is a standard behavior on many community platform.
  4. D

    Lack of interest MS Word paste fix

    Hi, I like to write articles. It is easy and convenient to prepare them on MS Word. But, when we are copying text from Word to Xenforo's Text Editor, it inserts additional empty lines on every line. Maybe, it will be easy to add, for instance, some button on Editor's panel for clearing the...