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Testing forum: upload a file results in error

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This is really a troubleshooting question, but I don't have enough privilege to post there, so I apologize if this should be in another forum.

We've got a test forum set up to "kick the tires" before we migrate our vBulletin 3 forum to XenForo. Everything is going swimmingly, we love the software and are one tech support issue from committing, and this is it:

We can very easily attach images to posts using the "upload a file" button from a variety of browsers and operating systems (including iOS). However, whenever I attempt to upload a file from OS X Mavericks (10.9.1) and Safari (7.0.1) I get the error below:


Now, I know this isn't a general bug in XenForo, since the image file above was uploaded using the Mavericks/Safari combination without issue, and it's working. I also know it's not a general issue with my Mac itself, as I can easily upload a file from Chrome, for example.

I have tried turning the Flash Uploader on and off in the Admin options, but that hasn't changed anything.

Any ideas? I should mention: I have full administrative access over the XenForo forum, but not over the server itself.

Thanks for any help!


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Support is only given to license holders.

As stated, you need to associate your license with your forum user name and post in the customer support forums.
Not open for further replies.