XF 2.2 Xenforo Attachments


I have a current XF installation with around 60GB of attachments. I would ideally like to offload these to a Cloud CDN of our own (I currently have one for non-forum assets running our own AWS setup).

What are the steps to
1) Move the assets to a remote CDN
2) Connect them back to the correct database records with the appropriate URLs

I'd also like to copy linked images to the CDN from the third party sites that they are hosted on to avoid broken links in the future. I'd like a low risk option such that I get to perform the action and test it on a subset of data to ensure there are no issues.

What are my options with XF to ideally avoid user interruption.
I've read through the docs listed and the user comments. It sounds to me like I can move my existing content to the CDN first, then experiment with the URL changes to see if it works. Is this a good way to do the work first?
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