XF 2 Custom Table Addon


Looking for someone to build a custom page addon with a table
  1. tabination
  2. search ( by field and by text)
  3. mysql database table (can be a new table added to xenforo database but not edit existing xenforo tables)
  4. 8-12 fields.
  5. alternating row colors which color can be set to match themes
Addon will be for keeping track of movie/tutorial content:
  1. Post Date
  2. Release Date
  3. Title
  4. URL
  5. URL 2
  6. Producers/Vendors
  7. Actors/Trainers
  8. Rating
  9. Poster Image of Title
  10. Other Information
Search should be able to search by field and text

Only urls need to be interactive to open content page
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