1. B

    Changing database servers causes XF to timeout?

    We ran into a problem with our current database server and needed to make a new one, so I took the database backup, moved it over to the new one, and pointed the XF install at it. This caused Xenforo to fail to load due to timeouts, but when inspecting the transaction log, I can see that...
  2. G

    XF 2 Custom Table Addon

    Looking for someone to build a custom page addon with a table tabination search ( by field and by text) mysql database table (can be a new table added to xenforo database but not edit existing xenforo tables) 8-12 fields. alternating row colors which color can be set to match themes Addon will...
  3. Sim

    Linode Managed Databases now available

    After running in beta for a few months, Linode's Managed Database solution is now available. Currently has MySQL support only (v5.7 and v8.0), with PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Redis coming soon. Available in 1 node, 2 node and 3 node configurations - you can have a highly available database...
  4. enivid

    Improving XenForo Database Backup Speed?

    Hello all! Our forum got pretty large and with 160k+ posts it takes quite a long time to backup the database. Is there any guide or tips for improving the database backup speed for XenForo? We are using XF 2.2 with MariaDB 10.1.
  5. Mouth

    3GB DB mysqldump import failure, MySQL -> MariaDB

    I am attempting to migrate to a new hosting provider, thus mysqldump on the source for DB backup and mysql import on the target. On disk, my MySQL 5.7 source DB is 5.0GB and the mysqldump file is 3GB, thus importing the 3GB .sql into the target server with MariaDB 10.6 mysqldump with...
  6. J

    XF 2.2 New database port = MySQL server has gone away

    Hello ! I had moved the port of our database from 3306 to 3307: <?php $config['db']['host'] = ''; $config['db']['port'] = 3307; $config['db']['username'] = 'forum'; $config['db']['password'] = 'xxxx'; $config['db']['dbname'] = 'forum'; Now i get the following error message: An...
  7. El Porcharo

    XF 2.2 Database errors

    I'm on a Plesk server, and today I've noticed that it features a database "Check and repair" tool. So I decided run it on all of my databases and the XenForo database turned to have 3 errors. It returns the same "The storage engine for the table doesn't support check" error on 3 different...
  8. JasonBrody

    XF 2.1 Traces of add-on data inside database after uninstall

    Hi :) I'd like to know if I uninstall an add-on / delete it from xenforo forum, then does it still keep traces inside database or any other xenforo directory ? Just like WordPress does where plugin data's still remains in database as well as other WordPress directories even after...
  9. Frode789

    XF 2 Database addon

    Working on a new project, and this is the final puzzle that is left unresolved. So I currently have 2 options. Either use Bob's showcase/RMA addon as a base and get that addon customized to bring it closer to my needs, or have a completely custom made addon. So I suppose I need to have all...
  10. M

    Which XF database tables store forums, topics and original slugs?

    Hi there Would you please know which XF database tables store forums, topics and original slugs? Thank so much.
  11. M

    How does the forum keep slugs in the database?

    Hi there Where exactly can I find out that how does the forum keep slugs in the database? Is there any admin.php section? Or in database tables? Where exactly please? Thanks.
  12. TheLifeGamingYT

    Two step verification clarifications

    Hi, I’m TheLifeGamingY, and I’ve been considering buying XenForo for my forum. I read that it supports two step verification, but I wanted just a clarification: with my previous free forum, I had two step verification issues, because I didn’t save the backup codes, so the only way to access the...
  13. A

    XF 2.1 Database XF2 / XF1

    I moved XF1 to XF2, but I don't have all the options that interest me. Is there any chance to transfer the database from XF2 to XF1?
  14. CMTV

    XF 2.1 Finder limit min value is 1

    Hi! AbstractAdapter class, line 560: public function limit($query, $amount, $offset = 0) { $offset = max(0, intval($offset)); if ($amount === null) { if (!$offset) { // no limit return $query; } // no amount limit, but...
  15. Diesan Romero

    XF 2.1 Database tables

    I want to know the tables for the: post that you remove from the public views private messages reports closed profile message any section in the documentation or something that I can use yo see all tables from the DB? I will appreciate your answer.
  16. Xiomera

    Changing custom thread fields values in mysql database for large number of threads (no batch option available)

    The light grey text is the background to my problem (not relevent for the MySQL question) Dear forum, my basic intention is to change the field type of an custom thread field from "check boxes" to "radio buttons" (only 1 option should be selectable). Since this change is not possible directly...
  17. imno007

    Db Errors After Server Migration

    Okay, I recently moved to a new server (Litespeed/CyberPanel) and I'm seeing errors like those below a few times throughout the day. It seems to be completely random, happening when clicking whatever, even once during log-in to the site and once or twice when navigating the admin, and it's...
  18. MagicalMidge

    XF 1.5 xf_admin_permission missing entries

    I posted a while ago regarding admin permissions, when adding new admins I couldnt choose their permissions in the ACP. Long story short, I've been busy with other things and have recently revisited it. Inside the "Live" spoiler you can see what is shown on our live version, and similarly...
  19. Darmord

    Not a bug Database error

    Database error... I moved the site to another server, but something went wrong. He tried to solve it, but I could not fix it. It shows me a database error message. Incomplete tables. I do not know what to do now. My site now does not work and I do not know what else. You know someone to advise...
  20. CMTV

    XF 2.0 TO_MANY relation through many-to-many table

    Hi! The question is simple. I hope it is. I have three tables: criteria, params and criteria_params. The last one consists of two columns with criterion and param IDs. So it is a many-to-many relation between criteria and params. One criteria can have many params. One param can belong to any...
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