XF 2.2 Database errors

El Porcharo

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I'm on a Plesk server, and today I've noticed that it features a database "Check and repair" tool. So I decided run it on all of my databases and the XenForo database turned to have 3 errors.

It returns the same "The storage engine for the table doesn't support check" error on 3 different tables, as you can see in the screenshot below.


All of my databases are running on MariaDB and all other databases doesn't have any errors.
I migrated from Siteground about one year ago, don't know if this is relevant.

Anyway the "Repair Selected" button doesn't seem to do anything, as the check tool keeps finding the same errors on the same tables after the repair process.

I don't know if this could turn into any issues on my board in future, has anyone faced this kind of issue and is there a chance to fix it?

Thanks in advance!
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