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Working on a new project, and this is the final puzzle that is left unresolved.
So I currently have 2 options. Either use Bob's showcase/RMA addon as a base and get that addon customized to bring it closer to my needs, or have a completely custom made addon. So I suppose I need to have all information on the table before I can continue (prices for both options, feature-set etc).

I can easily see this being useful for many other purposes as well, which benefits from trying to make a database on their site, which users can easily filter and sort to find their relevant information fast. For example for food related websites (this could be used for recipes), gaming communities (for digital gaming, which I suppose is far larger than board gaming), modding, sports etc. So if anyone finds this intriguing, let me know in DM, maybe we can cooperate with its development.

A bit of background:
It's a board game related site, and it will have various features, but one of the center points will be the board game database, and it's connection/integration to other components on the site. It's absolutely crucial to have any surviving chance in the board game business vs the behemoth that is BGG.com.


A) Index page.

- Sorting (from the nav bar, will reload the page to re-sort the games).
The games page can easily be sorted by a few main parameters (sub-menu selection for the "Games" tab on navbar) , such as rating, popularity and trending.
- Filtering.
Users can then further narrow their selection, by filtering the games in the database, by clicking various options in the sidebar on the index page. For example, avg. user rating (1 star and up, 2 star and up, 3 star and up etc), minimum players, playtime, categories (card game, engine building, RPG etc) etc.
- Table view.
Outputs a nice looking table with the essential information listed there for all (within the filtering parameters, if any) the games. Clicking any of them will bring you to the Game Details page for it.
Displaying a box cover, name of the game, score, player count, playtime etc.

B) Details page.

- Box cover, images (of components, game board etc), the information that was displayed on the index for that game, resources (rules, custom variants etc), vote breakdown and reviews (you can vote for a game, but you can also leave a full review, with text, images etc), as well as linked expansions (expansions will show on main page details page).
At the bottom it will display the forums linked to this game, if any. (this can be linked in ACP).

C) Add Game page.

Admin/user with permission can add a game to the database, filling out the above relevant data. There should be a checkbox for if it's a expansion or main game. If expansion, select what game this is an expansion of, to link them.

Optional integrations: (only if it doesn't add any significant additional work, compared to just having images/resources as a separate section on this addon itself, so not as a integrated part/if within budget)
  • Images displayed, are fetched from the XF MG official addon. (it will have a own category for the game).
  • Resources displayed, are fetched from the XF RM official addon. (it will have a own category for the game).
Example of a similar website (but I'm not looking for an exact copy of course, but it's just to show more visually how it can look. Also, it has more features, that I don't need.):
Annotation 2020-05-16 150304.jpg
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More information about @Frode789 database addon here:
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