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I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this but i´ll just go ahead.
So, I'm thinking of building a forum that supports two languages. Not complete translation, but just the posts(if the user wishes to see it in that language). I have all the translated stuff ready with me, so I was thinking of a custom plugin, that provides a backend to add translations for the post, and a toggle sort of button on the post area for the user to switch the language if he/she wishes.

Is there any sort of functionality like this already available? If not, how do I go about this?
It would be possible with custom development.

Easier and cheaper to just use Google translate though, or the built in browser functionality.

I agree that it is easier, but its not an option, since the whole context could change, and the posts must be understood pretty clearly, that's the point of it. Also, I have put in too much work to get the translations done, so better use them.
I know it's not ample, but why not create your nodes and threads in one language, and then create a sub with duplicate content but in the other language. You could create a link to the alternative language version of said thread or post within the post.

Maybe you could create your own phrases under each language and call them individually for each thread.
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