XF 2.2 A lot of errors after installation (Please help)


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I installed XF2, the UI.X Pro Theme, and have imported the style and js files into my website's folder through FileZilla multiple times, but my logo keeps getting broken and I cannot hide the left-side menu by clicking on the 3-bar icon in the corner (it does nothing). It is the same case for the 3-dot icon on the right to hide the right-side menu with the website users and stats.

I also have errors on my Admin Panel. I have bought most of the addons through ThemeHouse, and they have installed correctly, but I keep having problems.

Can you please assist, this is driving me crazy that I cannot move forward with setting up my forum. Thank you inadvance!


xf error 1.png

xf error 2.png

xf error 3.png
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