Advent calendar

Hello community,

winter is comming and next month the advent is starting. I am looking for an addon similar to an advent (christmas calendar) so I can do daily giveaways to my community. It would be nice to have something with a graphical interface, so users can open doors every day. I am not sure if something like that is offered as addon for xenforo.

Maybe someone can help me out and link me to a good plugin :)

Best regards!
I don't know how easy/diificult as a xenforo addon, but extremely reasonably easy with html/css. So it could be added to your forum as a page or notice (or maybe even in a post via bbcode?)


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Who likes :)
Who likes :)
Very cool. One year has passed and someone took the challenge! Thanks for that, I will definitely use it this december and try it on my community.
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