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I'm migrating from vBulletin and i need a replacement for my calendar addon

Required features:

- A forum can be transformed into an "events forum" so all threads posted in this forum are automatically added to the calendar without needing additional action. Some addons ive looked required to manually go to Thread Tools and convert the thread to a calendar event, and i hate this.

- The event date can be added from the "create thread" page without leaving the page

- I need the 5 upcoming calendar events to be displayed on home page, with the dates. Best would be a widget compatible with Widget Framework

- Need a dedicated page to display a calendar with events listed for every calendar day. I'm looking for something as close as possible to IPB calendar layout

- Date of event must be displayed on thread page

- RSVP with auto alerts would be really cool

- i DON'T want to display birthdays in calendar

Any suggestions ?

Thanks a lot !
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