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0815 submitted a new resource:

Advent calendar - Extensive advent calendar

This add-on is still in the testing phase! We still have plenty of time to test and improve it until December. Test it and write me.

With this add-on you can present your users an advent calendar.

  • There are 3 possible options for a door:
    • a) Simple info text
    • b) Question/answer game
    • c) Simple participation
  • List of participants
  • Generation of the winners and sending of a PN to...

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Ok, I play a litle bit around with it.

First thing - I think there are missed grafics:
When I made a calendar in "Set" Mode.

I take a look at the zip - and the images are there:

styles > default > X0815 > advcal > set

but here it try to find the images at a other place:
The directory "test" doesnt exist. I think that should be deletet from the image link. ;)

I my case the correct pfad look like:_

At Image Mode it looks like:
0815 updated Advent calendar with a new update entry:

1.0.0 Beta 2

Some things were fixed and improved

An option has been added to exclude users from winning - but still allow them to play.

Added a filter option to list users who answered incorrectly or correctly. (Of course, only for days that are a question day.)

An indicator was created to detect wrong/correctly answered users. Only purely informal. (Of course, only for days that are a question day.)

Read the rest of this update entry...
If it isnt already a option - the nav entry should be optional so I can place a own menu point like I wish to place.

The new version I will test and translate at a later point today - thanks for your work!
Screenshot 2021-10-26 at 16.06.21.webpI'm not quite sure this works as it is supposed to.

For instance I have made a calandar and day 1 has info text.

But when I click on day 1, I expect a door to open but instead I just get an overlay that drops down and says "You see the door 1" and displays the text there
I had considered such an effect (opening the door). But I decided against it.

What has the user from a great animation? It is about one of the 3 modes that should be presented to the user (question, info or participation). Since this must be generated either by a redirect or by an overlay, the animation is, rather something what then goes down.

Therefore, this animation will not give.
This addon is a great idea (y)

Just one question :

Is it possible to add an option to desactivate, or not to display the acceptance of the conditions of participation plz ?
I don' t need this in my case.

Thank you
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