1. Xyphien

    Add-on Giveaway Addon

    There should really be a giveaway addon, much like SteamGifts or GameMiner Example: You have it set up so at the end of what ever time/date you put for the giveaway it will choose a winner from everyone who registers for the giveaway (Which would also allow currency like [bd]money). You could...
  2. Kiranyx

    Add-on Looking for a dev for an add-on (paid job)

    I need for an addon to create buttons that only admins can use (with configurable permissions). The buttons should be configurable per-forum, for exemple I setup an "Accept" button only available in the "Recruitement" forum, it appears in every thread, when I press it it lock the thread, it...
  3. ThemeHouse

    [TH] Install and Upgrade 1.4.14b

    It is now even easier to install add-ons or import languages, styles, custom fields, smilies, user groups or user upgrades. Plus lots of other features to make installing, importing and upgrading everything simpler. This add-on extends the current install and import abilities of XenForo, plus...
  4. oman

    oman's XenForo Installation/Upgrade Services

    UPDATE 3rd February 2019 - I am currently unable to take on forum work. Please check back later. Contact me if you have any queries or concerns. ----------- I am currently offering reliable XenForo installation and upgrade services to licensed XenForo owners. My aim is to provide a smooth...
  5. Allan

    Unmaintained XenQuotation 1.0.0

    Add-on is now managed by @Deebs XenQuotation is an add-on for XenForo that allows your community members to save silly, funny and memorable quotations for all to see. Each quotation can be saved with an author, date and a bit of text to put the quotation in context. You can even turn a post in...