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[HA] Site Tour and Hint 3.2.6

Easiest way to have Site Tour in your Xenforo

  1. Dadparvar
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.5
    LifeTime (Read FAQ)
    Visible Branding:
    Now you have two add-ons in one! Site Tour + Site Hint!


    You can also check the demo in support site​


    With this add-on, you can create unlimited tours and hints in your site for any part that you want. Using its dedicated panel, you can easily manage your tours and hints and re order them as you wish. There are lots of options that let you get what exactly you want.

    • Add unlimited Tour for any place of your Xenforo
    • Add unlimited Hint for any place of your Xenforo
    • Style Properties For all parts of Tour (Hint also inherit somehow)
    • Options of Tour:
      • Auto Play Tour
      • Themes (7 different themes)
        • Custom
        • Dark
        • Flattener
        • Nassim
        • Nazanin
        • Royal
        • Modern
      • Hide navbar link of Play Tour
      • Next Button
      • Prev Button
      • Skip Button
      • Done Button
      • Exit On Esc
      • Exit on overlay
      • Show Step Number
      • Keyboard Navigate
      • Show Buttons
      • Show Bullets
      • Show Tour Progress
      • Scroll To Element
      • Overlay Opacity
      • Disable interaction
      • Scroll Padding
      • Hide Next
      • Hide Prev
      • ... (More will come)
    • Options for Hint
      • Inherits almost all things from Tour's options ( + new things)
      • Hide nav link of Show Hint
      • Hint Button Lable
      • Tooltip Position
      • Hint Position
      • Hint Animation
    • Options when creating a tour:
      • Title (supports HTML)
      • Element Identifier
      • Message (supports HTML)
      • Tour is Active
      • Display Order
    • I don't promise to update it regularly
    • But because we use it in our own site too, so all reported bugs will be fixed asap.
    • And also good suggestions will be implemented when finding free time to do (but try to do them asap).
    • Because of this, I set its license as Lifetime. So you don't need to pay for renewal (and donations are always welcome)
    • Used Libraries:
      Intro.js = (license Purchased to use in add-on)
    Hamed Azimi (Dadparvar)


    1. Tour2.jpg
    2. Tour1.jpg
    3. Tour3.jpg
    4. 2016-06-16_17-34-32.png
    5. 2016-06-28_17-10-00.png
    6. 2016-06-28_17-10-56.png
    7. 2016-06-28_17-12-20.png
    8. 2016-06-28_18-02-16.png
    9. 2016-06-28_18-02-45.png
    10. 2016-06-28_18-03-54.png
    11. 2016-06-28_18-04-22.png
    12. 2016-06-28_18-04-55.png
    13. 2016-06-28_18-11-23.png
    14. modern.png
    15. op1.png
    16. op2.png
    17. tm.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. Wasserlasser
    Version: 3.2.5
    Great AddOn. After super fast help to set it up it works like a charm for me and gives Users the opportunity to let the Tour guide them through several steps on the site.
    1. Dadparvar
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review :)

      Glad to hear that it is useful for you and its good to see that you are satisfied with the support

      I also invite you to use hint, which is so being used these days ;)
  2. younes
    Version: 3.2.5
    Wow! love the new Theme
    Superb update from Excellent developer
    Definitely worth the price
    Thank you Hamed
    1. Dadparvar
      Author's Response
      Thanks Younes for the review :)

      Glad you like the update

      Hope you enjoy using it
  3. TRGCommunity
    Version: 3.1.1
    Absolutely recommended and worth its price! Works without any problem, received great and super fast support from the author :) Thanks for this!
    1. Dadparvar
      Author's Response
      Glad to hear that you like it.

      Thanks for your kind words.

      And about the support, this is how it should be ;) so, its my duty.

      Thanks for spending time to review this add-on. Wish you the best.
  4. Claudio
    Version: 3.1.0
    Excellent addon and excellent support. Dadparv is a great coder and has done an amazing job with this addon!
    1. Dadparvar
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your kind words.

      Glad to see you like it. Hope you enjoy using it.

      Thanks for spending time to review the add-on.
  5. Sperber
    Version: 2.0.1
    Excellent support! Author is very customer orientated, very supportive, great guy! The addon speaks for itself when you´ve gone over the choices and options the first time. Really a great helpt o get new users familiar with the forums - especialy when you have as many addons included as we have.
    1. Dadparvar
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your kind words.

      Glad you like it. (and about support => That is how I should be. So its duty)

      Hope you enjoy using it.