XF 1.5 export addons configuration


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I'm migrating a forum from vbulletin 4.x to xenforo 1.5.
The test forum is ready so I exported the style.

...now, is it possibile to export addon configuration? I think not.

if not, what happen if I export the whole addon in debug mod and then I re-install it in a fresh installation, it will include old configuration as "default config"?
What configuration are you referring to?

The short is that there isn't any way to export add-on configuration. The exported add-on XML doesn't include anything that's end-user configurable. You'll need to redo configuration after re-installing any add-on.
The longer is to take a look to the db and see where addon configurations are store and then export/import them, right?
Uhmmmm, in almost every case I think is better to redo as you are suggesting.

Thank you
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