Show "My Threads" - on per forum base and in every forum

Show "My Threads" - on per forum base and in every forum 1.0.0

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Show My Threads

is a simple but usefull addon to place a litle link above the thread list in every forum for members only. With this link your members can fast and easy view there own threads in this forum on every forum.

Zeige meine Themen - fügt einen simplen Link oberhalb der Themen Liste in jedem Forum ein. Bei Klick auf den Link werden alle eigenen Themen in dem Forum/ in dem Unterforum, in dem ich mich gerade befinde, angezeigt.
So können Nutzer schnell und einfach ihre eigenen Themen in den einzelnen Foren deiner Seite wieder finden.

Idea giver:
@ragtek with a no more working addon from 2011
@moby2006 with the right search link (many thanks!) :like
IPB Forums - who I see such a link and find him usefull ;)

Language: english (default)
- and german (Deutsch) with language file in zip
- only one phrase: "otto_my_threads" can easy changed to what ever you want ;)


Copyright notice - NO :D

Similar addon: thanks @Brogan

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This is an incredible add-on, and exactly what I was looking for. Otto provides great support! He will bend over backwards to help you.
Thanks. :)
Easy and simple. Really nice addon which makes easier to the users to search their own threads. Easy to install and just one phrase to translate. Danke Schön!
Danke. :)
It's always important, I think, to provide users with one-click access to as much of their content in as many ways as possible. This add-on fulfills an important question for users of xenforo forums: Where are all my threads? Now a user can go into a forum, click "My Threads," and voila. All of his or her threads are displayed in a nice list. Well done.
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