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Anchor BBcode (BBM) - Anchorman 1.0a

Add anchors to your posts in your Xenforo forum.

  1. otto
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.4
    • 1.5
    Additional Requirements:
    MIT Licence
    Visible Branding:
    Anchor (BBM) BBcode - Anchorman
    Thanks to: ccclearhout, Jake Bunce und ForestForTrees for inspiration and hints.

    I found here on xenforo.com only not proper working ressources for anchor bbcode, short hints at serveral posts - yes but not a complete and working anchor bbcode.
    Thats the reason why I made this anchor bbcode package. I hope you like it and leave a comment. :)

    What the addon do:
    This addon add your site a SMF like simple but working anchor bbcode. With this, you can better format your long and longer posts now. Its easy, try it out.​

    How to download it:
    Please follow simply these litle instruction,
    if you have problems with registration and licence validation. After thats ok, you can download all free ressources.​

    Installation in 3 simple steps:

    1. if not done - install first the latest BBcode & Buttons Manager (BBM) addon
    2. after that, install the addon XML from my package
    3. and after, import my two BBcode XML files in the BBM addon.​

    How to use it:
    Set so many anchor you like, every anchor must have a unique name, insert him after the "=". Betwen the ] and [ you can input what you want to show as the anchor text.
    [anchor=anchor name]just a text for the anchor[/anchor]
    And to insert a jump link to the anchor(s), enter for every anchor one or more codes like this:
    [iurl=anchor name]just a text for the link to the anchor[/iurl]
    The anchor name after "=" must be exactly the same as in the anchor code bevore to properly work. The text betwen the ] and [ can be whatever you want.

    Try it - its easy. :)

    Tested with:

    - Xenforo 1.5.8 - 1.5.13
    - BBM 3.3.3
    - actual Browsers like Firefox, Edge and Chrome eg.​

    I made this in my rare free time, its for free and for every one - so please think on it when you ask me about support for it.
    And if you like it - please leave a comment. Thanks. ;)

    Support for these addon/bbcode only here or by:
    Support für dieses/n Add-on/BBcode hier oder auf:
    XenForo Forum xen-hilfe.de - Die deutsche Support Community

    A sample in the sreenshots:


    1. upload_2016-7-26_8-19-5.png
    2. upload_2016-7-26_8-19-56.png