Anchor BBcode (BBM) - Anchorman

Anchor BBcode (BBM) - Anchorman 1.0a

No permission to download
Please read the TXT files in my ZIP package!

How to download it:
Please follow simply these litle instruction,​
if you have problems with registration and licence validation. After thats ok, you can download all free ressources.​

Installation in 3 simple steps:
1. if not done - install first the latest BBcode & Buttons Manager (BBM) addon​
2. after that, install the addon XML from my package​
3. and after, import my two BBcode XML files in the BBM addon.​

How to use it:
Set so many anchor you like, every anchor must have a unique name, insert him after the "=". Betwen the ] and [ you can input what you want to show as the anchor text.​
[anchor=anchor name]just a text for the anchor[/anchor]

And to insert a jump link to the anchor(s), enter for every anchor one or more codes like this:​
[iurl=anchor name]just a text for the link to the anchor[/iurl]

The anchor name after "=" must be exactly the same as in the anchor code bevore to work. The text betwen the ] and [ can be whatever you want.​
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