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Beta [xH] Simple Blogs Add-on 1.0.44b

New fork from Rigels "Good Enough Blogs" Add-on, with english and german language Support

  1. otto
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.4
    • 1.5
    MIT Licence
    Visible Branding:
    Download and use this addon only, if you understand and accept these points:
    1. This is a fork from Rigels "Good Enough Blogs" addon (former called Better Blogs). Rigel has give it for free to what ever...
    2. I code on the changes on Regels addon in my free time, after family time and work and you pay nothing for this. So please think on it, when you ask for individual changes or issues with individual styles. Thanks.;)
    3. It comes with the same features like the original from Rigel, but a litle bit template and CSS work, certain new phrases and with a complete german translation so you will have english and german language aviable for your members. (y)
    4. Tested with Xenforo 1.5.0 up to 1.5.9 and latest Widget Framework release
    5. Support is limited to my English and coding skills as well to my available time. And I call it beta at this time.
    6. Its posible to upgrade from Rigels orignal addon, but its a litle bit tricky - if you want for, please take a look at the german support site bevor and: backup your site bevore!
    7. Read the FAQ please.
    If you're not agree - install it better not. ;)

    Important notice:
    If you realize, that this addon would be a to big change in your Xenforo forum or you simply search for a smaller, lightweight and update saver way to give your users things like a blog ...
    It gives an alternative for you:
    Just PM me, no worry its also for free and gives your users the ability to have one or more litle Blog style threads with comments in it.
    I use this other way for "blogs" here:

    But now - lets pictures speek (all made with the german language file aktive), that is Simple Blogs looks like:


    1. customize_02.jpg
    2. customize_01.jpg
    3. entrypage_comments_01.jpg
    4. blogpage_01.jpg
    5. bloglist_01.jpg
    6. homepage_01.jpg
    7. permissions_01.jpg
    8. acp_blog_options_01.jpg
    9. acp_settings_01.jpg
    10. acp_sidebar_options_01.jpg
    11. acp_cats_01.jpg
    12. notice_01.jpg
    13. entry_edit_01.jpg
    14. welcome_screen_01.jpg
    15. user_dropdown_01.jpg
    16. privat_settings_01.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. EliteDuck
    Version: 1.0.44b
    Great addon, does exactly what it promises. Looking forward to many more great updates to come from XH.
    1. otto
      Author's Response
      Thanks, but most thank has to go to Rigelkentaurus. :)