1. hemant_bhardwaj

    [Xenbros] Home Blog for Xenforo2 1.4.1

    Home-blog addon allow you to you get a latest thread of selected node on separate page with pagination like wordpress blog on xenforo with featured thread option with Custom image url if there is no attachment in thread Featured thread option allow you to highlight the thread in featured...
  2. xsacha

    Duplicate Blog

    I would like to see a full-fledged blog from the creators of XF.
  3. R

    XF 1.5 Can I style a forum like a blog?

    We would like to add a blog to our forum, but not for all users, only three admins will write blog articles. Registered users should be able to comment. Instead of installing an additional blog addon for our three admins my idea was to use a XF forum as a blog. However, a forums default layout...
  4. C

    XF 2.0 Styling a "POST"

    Ok, crazy question, but I want to use the forum to post what I consider "articles". I am wondering if there are any 'templates' that would stylize a post. Something I can replicate over and over again to keep all similar posts the same. I have seen BBcode templates, but those are mostly for...
  5. C

    "Blog" vs Forum Postings

    Okay, so I see add-ons for Xenforo and other larger forum softwares for Blogging ability. Why would one add a 'blog' to their forum? In my opinion they're two completely different things. I currently have a blog site and a forum site... and I am really considering merging the two together...
  6. S

    Forum/Blog of Vbulletin

    Hi, I have to Buy XenForo but I have a doubt. Currently my forum is Vbulletin with Blog. There is something not to miss blogs created by users of my forum? Currently I have nearly 500. Thanks.
  7. otto

    Unmaintained [xH] Simple Blogs Add-on 1.0.44b

    Download and use this addon only, if you understand and accept these points: This is a fork from Rigels "Good Enough Blogs" addon (former called Better Blogs). Rigel has give it for free to what ever... I code on the changes on Regels addon in my free time, after family time and work and you...

    Add-on Is there an addon as this example?

    Hi everyone, can you tell me if there is an addon which makes our forum to a web site just like this example : which currently uses ASP playground 2.3. Thank you for your efforts.
  9. Rigel Kentaurus

    Unmaintained Good Enough Blogs 1.0.44

    I'm the original author of the now defunct Better Blogs I originally developed this as a substitute for our vBulletin Blogs, and it worked really well! We are also using that in production. Many hundreds of man-hours went into developing this product. Unfortunately, really slow sales and...