1. C

    XF 2.0 Styling a "POST"

    Ok, crazy question, but I want to use the forum to post what I consider "articles". I am wondering if there are any 'templates' that would stylize a post. Something I can replicate over and over again to keep all similar posts the same. I have seen BBcode templates, but those are mostly for...
  2. C

    "Blog" vs Forum Postings

    Okay, so I see add-ons for Xenforo and other larger forum softwares for Blogging ability. Why would one add a 'blog' to their forum? In my opinion they're two completely different things. I currently have a blog site and a forum site... and I am really considering merging the two together...
  3. S

    Forum/Blog of Vbulletin

    Hi, I have to Buy XenForo but I have a doubt. Currently my forum is Vbulletin with Blog. There is something not to miss blogs created by users of my forum? Currently I have nearly 500. Thanks.
  4. otto

    Unmaintained [xH] Simple Blogs Add-on 1.0.44b

    Download and use this addon only, if you understand and accept these points: This is a fork from Rigels "Good Enough Blogs" addon (former called Better Blogs). Rigel has give it for free to what ever... I code on the changes on Regels addon in my free time, after family time and work and you...

    Add-on Is there an addon as this example?

    Hi everyone, can you tell me if there is an addon which makes our forum to a web site just like this example : which currently uses ASP playground 2.3. Thank you for your efforts.
  6. Rigel Kentaurus

    Good Enough Blogs 1.0.44

    I'm the original author of the now defunct Better Blogs I originally developed this as a substitute for our vBulletin Blogs, and it worked really well! We are also using that in production. Many hundreds of man-hours went into developing this product. Unfortunately, really slow sales and...
  7. ThemeHouse

    [TH] XenBlog 1.1.0

    [TH] XenBlog - Add a blogging system to your forum Description This add-on adds a blogging system to your forum. Features Blogging system Assign blogs to categories Attachments supported Admins can add 3 types of blogs: Plain text with BBcode and smiley support HTML PHP...