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I'm looking at improving our WYSIWYG table editor to possibly bring the full feature set offered by Froala. Already released that Add-On to support colspan though only through BB code editor. I'm just not sure where to start to enable the missing Froala cell style options. The Html to BbCode to Html rendering loop I should be able to handle like I did for colspan.
So I found that tableEditButtons from editor.js but I'm not sure if and how an Add-On can change it. There is also a minified version of that file in that js\xf folder.

Looking at editor.js, it fires that editor:config event using jquery. Assuming that applies to the textarea I modified the editor template to inject the following but the event is not received:
    document.getElementsByName("{$htmlName}")[0].addEventListener("editor:config", function (aConfig,aEditor)                                                                {

Not sure what I'm missing. I'm hoping I could modify the config from that event.
Looks like I actually went through that before:

Looks like I actually went through that before:

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