1. J

    Fixed Show profile post comment page is missing styles

    In the profile_post_macros template, the comment macro is missing <xf:css src="message.less" />. This is necessary for the profile post comment to display correctly on the /profile-posts/comments/1/show page.
  2. jca

    Developers (still) supporting their third-party Styles?

    Can anyone recommend any third-party styles that are actively being supported by their developers? This is not any sort of slight or criticism of themes/styles or their authors. It's one of the caveats of using a third-party style -- they can end up being "Unmaintained" or no longer supported...
  3. Allall


    Hello, I jus need to buy xenforo script and find a good theme style. before all i must know which style am going to use before spending my money on this can anyone tell me the theme style used on this website JAMIIFORUMS
  4. Osman

    Ryzer Pro 2.2.13

    It has exciting features and excellent code quality.It has been designed and developed after thorough research to cater the requirements of people who interested in building user based directories. The design is contemporary but at the same time it focuses on the usability, visual hierarchy and...
  5. BlueOrolose

    Not a bug Theme not even showing

    I purchased XenForo 2.0.7 and a nice theme to go with it. The website is showing this: Click Here for Image I don't know how to fix it, even after multiple hours of browsing the forums. I'm currently using Localhost (If that has anything to do with it)
  6. Osman

    Exclusive Dark 2.2.13

    Enjoy the extreme customization power and a very big set of modern components, features and options. Users will love your site because it gives them a unique user experience clean, modern & beautiful design. You will be easily able to customize it for your needs. Main Features of Exclusive...
  7. eTiKeT™

    Unmaintained [XenGenTr] Free Style V1 1.0.0

    [XenGenTr] Free Style V1 Installation Instructions: While in the Admin CP, select: Appearance > Styles > Import > Child of style: (No Parent) > and then click "Import" Demo : [XenGenTr] Free Style V1
  8. Pixel Exit

    XenBase - 2.2.14

  9. Pixel Exit

    Nova - 2.2.14

  10. Russ

    Product spotlight: Evolve & XenBase (new styles)

    Welcome to our second product spotlight, this time we're including two styles! Evolve Evolve is a brand new advanced style that brings a modern look with multiple colors built straight into the style. Evolve functions similar to our Omni style where we let you pick from various color schemes...
  11. Luke_Daniel_Rodgers

    Cannot Find Style Download Location!

    Hi! This is a daft question, and quite frankly rather idiotic of me, seeing as I used to use XenForo but have completely forgotten where to download them. Where, oh where, do I download styles I have previously bought? Where are my purchases kept? Thanks! - L
  12. Design Mode

    Design Mode

    A brand new design mode rolling out in all of Pixel Exit's premium styles (2.x product line). Easy way of finding how to change elements and what options are in place.
  13. Ehren - High quality xenforo styles

    Hello! Xenfocus is a web design company which aims to develop some of the highest quality themes for xenforo. With over 10 years of experience in forum design, my goal is to create themes which cater for a wide range of site niches while offering fast and friendly support. Style features...
  14. originalk

    Where can I find a XF style similar to this?

    I like this forum's style but I can't find anything similar to it anywhere: Anyone know where I can find a similar theme?
  15. Pixel Exit

    Flat Awesome + - 2.2.14

    FLAT AWESOME +: Flat Awesome+ brings you a whole new level of customization's and features powered by our XenBase Framework. This next generation of Flat Awesome is the perfect complement to our lightweight but powerful framework. XENBASE FRAMEWORK: XB is the framework that powers all of our...
  16. Pixel Exit

    Apex - 2.2.14

    APEX: Apex is a lightweight dark style using only CSS backgrounds and minimal images for icons. Easily change the dominant blue color within the color palette to what you like. Apex comes packed with options included in the parent style XenBase. Enjoy not having to install add-ons or do some...
  17. Pixel Exit

    Core - 2.2.14

    CORE: Core is a clean light or dark style that sticks to the XF roots but adds nice features and a clean interface. The default orange is changed by a single color palette so you can adjust the colors in seconds! XENBASE FRAMEWORK: XB is the framework that powers all of our styles. We are...
  18. Pixel Exit

    Blackend Pro - 2.2.14

    BLACKENED PRO: Blackened makes the perfect gaming style or if you are wanting to offer your users a dark style. Fully detailed throughout providing a consistent look and feel. XENBASE FRAMEWORK: XB is the framework that powers all of our styles. We are constantly evolving and improving the...
  19. Pixel Exit

    Fusion Gamer - 2.2.14

    FUSION GAMER: This is the first style we ever released on XenForo. Over the years we've improved the look and built it upon the XenBase framework. You can easily change the primary color and backgrounds to better suit your community. XENBASE FRAMEWORK: XB is the framework that powers all of...
  20. S

    XF 1.5 Choice of style not allowed to users

    Hello everyone! How can I set a style for all users without allowing them to change style (for example, by putting the default)? Thank you.
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