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Hello! Xenfocus is a web design company which aims to develop some of the highest quality themes for xenforo. With over 10 years of experience in forum design, my goal is to create themes which cater for a wide range of site niches while offering fast and friendly support.

Style features

All styles are coded using an efficient framework which has only one modified template file. This means the themes generally auto-update themselves, and have high compatibility with 3rd party addons. They're also packed full of amazing features, some of which include:

Xenfocus front-end theme editor
All xenfocus themes come with the "Theme Editor" - an easy to use pop-up box which allows your members to customize the theme to their own preference. The editor allows your visitors to easily switch between fixed and fluid widths, enable a grid layout for your forums and even change the background image of your site to suit their own preference. All options are saved via cookies and don't require any database integration or addons.

Background picker
The background picker, which can be disabled if necessary, allows your members to choose their own image from a predefined selection. This is a great feature for a wide range of communities, including gaming sites (where you can provide different game images), or sporting sites (where you can provide different backgrounds of teams or players).

Holiday effects and countdown timer
All xenfocus themes come with holiday effects including animated snow for Christmas, or animated confetti for a wider range of celebrations. A countdown timer can also be enabled, which counts down every second to your nominated time. This is perfect for large announcements, sporting games, game release dates or product releases - just to name a few!

Social icons
Easily advertise any of your social media sites using a wide array of social media icons.

Guest message
Display a message to your guests prompting them to either login or register an account. This is a perfect way to highlight the benefits of becoming a member on your site, and increasing registration numbers!

Mega footer
If enabled, the mega footer allows you to add up to 4 columns of content at the bottom of your site. This is perfect for lists of links, or small paragraphs of text. The columns collapse into rows on smaller devices.

Grid layout for nodes
Place your forums into a grid layout with optional wallpapers for each. This feature can be toggled by members if they prefer the standard layout.

And much more!
Extended logo capabilities
allow you to use an image as your logo OR use HTML text with a slogan OR a combination of both. All themes are created with high-resolution displays in mind, and elegantly resize on smaller devices such as tablets and mobiles. Navigation links are neatly collapsed into drop-down menus for a cleaner header layout, while a fixed navigation setting forces your navigation to stick to the top of the page while scrolling.

Xenfocus themes
Click the image below to view the xenfocus theme collection!



Thoughts, feedback and suggestions are always welcomed and appreciated - so feel free to let me know what you think! :)

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