oman's XenForo Installation/Upgrade Services


I am not a techie, let's get that clear. I know how to drive the thing, but never ask me to do an oil-change....

However, having discovered Oman, I can rest easy. He is innovative, prompt, intuitive, has great customer handling skills and what's more, knows his stuff inside out!

If anyone ever needs someone to sort out their XenForo installation or upgrades, then @oman is that someone. Long may he continue! (y)


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Oman - is a XF guru on here when it comes to handling XF services such Installations, plugins and much more. I have been using him for a while now without flaws in any of his services. You can't never go wrong for hiring him. Moreover, he is the cheapest you'll find on XF:). Thank you for all your services. Bless you!


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Some minor adjustments to my prices have been made. They are reflected in the first post of this thread.

Thanks to everyone who has left their kind comments in this thread. I look forward to continue working with you sometime in the future. :)


Had Oman install Xeneforo for me a second time and once again he was bloody fantastic. I honestly checked he was still offering this assistance prior to purchase. Would defiantly reccomend him to anyone.


Oman just finished with my 1.5 Xenforo Upgrade. As always he was quick, thorough and affordable. You will not regret using his services. :)


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This is the second -- maybe third -- review I've done of Oman's work, and my feeling is still the same: he is the best. Oman completed my 1.5 upgrade, and once again, it was fast, flawless, and affordable. Highly recommend.
A modest guy with a super professional attitude. I'm a novice and Oman is very patient and makes me happy with the experience. If you are looking for xenforo installation, Oman is your guy.

Ron G

Just had him do an upgrade for me to 1.5.1 and a new skin. As always, fast and superior results. I can't say enough good things about Oman. He's a rockstar.


Was closing my forum and wanting to re-open a new one but still use the same license, admittedly I had no idea how to do so.

I contacted Oman he knew exactly what to do and set it up very promptly.

Many thanks once again mate!

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I cannot say enough good things about working with Oman. Myself being a forum rookie and detail oriented person, I needed a new forum to be created to my liking AND education/tutorials about its basic features and capabilities and usability. Oman exceeded my expectations and was very patient, and his pricing is outstanding. In addition to his basic services offered, I sent him a wish list and asked him to quote it as a package deal, which he did, and which was better pricing than I would get anywhere else. So excellent price and excellent service - I recommend him very highly (y)(y)(y)(y)(y). You will not be disappointed.


taihay wrote: Goes above and beyond what is expected off him, and does things without any fuss or hassle.

Totally agree! Thanks Oman (again).


Oman is absolutely wonderful to work with. I was a bit hesitant at first, as I've been duped in the past, however, Oman went above and beyond what I expected. He was professional, kind, and kept me and my group members informed of the progress. I would highly recommend him for your needs!