Xenforo Software, Themes, and Add-Ons Installation Service!


Hey, there Xenforo community! I am Shortie! I have been a user of Xenforo since around 2012 if my memory serves me correctly and I have been using Xenforo as an admin from 2012 - today.

Both I and my other half @DarkGizmo both have knowledge in installing Xenforo, installing themes, and also installing addons as well and would love to offer our services to the users of Xenforo here.

We know sometimes you would love to own a forum but you are unsure of how to do things and that can be something that pulls you away from starting a forum. We want to help you start a forum and help you build the project you wish.

The services we offer are below with prices, please note that we accept payments via PayPal, Stripe, and CashApp, whichever is best for you and we do ask that you allow us up to 24 hours to complete the work you have asked for due to timezones.

Payment can be made after the service is complete if you feel comfortable with that but we do also allow payment upfront as well.

Here are the services

Xenforo Installation Service​
This is for the installation of Xenforo onto your hosting
Upgrading an existing Xenforo installation
This is for the installation of Xenforo themes
This is for the installation of add-ons you wish to see on your forum
Upgrading existing addon-ons

We are also always willing to discuss prices as well.

If you are interested in our services, please either PM me Shortie, or @DarkGizmo and we will get back to you ASAP :)

Thank you :)
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