xenforo installation

  1. P

    XF 2.2 Fresh install. Requirements all ok. Error on Mysql-credentials

    We're evaluating Xenforo for our community and have bought the license for a longer term test run. Running on a VM in our own environment. All pre-requisites installed, testscript has run and "all good". Mysql database created with privileges given to created user and password. No matter what I...
  2. spirogg

    whats to best OS and best DB mysql or maridb to use with xenforo

    Hello, I can't seem to find this after doing a few searches, I just purchased xenforo and I am wondering? 1. Best OS centOS 7 or 8 vs Ubuntu 18 or 20 for xenforo v2.2.1 2. Best performance DB Mysql 5.7/8 vs Mariadb 10.3 or higher 3. I have 2 servers both are identical * Dual Intel(R) Xeon(R)...
  3. M

    XF 2.1 Installation on GoDaddy.com

    I am attempting to upload Xenforo unto my Godaddy hosting site but am having trouble. I used Filezilla FTP to upload the files to the public_htlm, have the upload data on the MySQL database. but unsure of what to do next, evne how to install it. or how to get the Xenforo page where I can...
  4. Miggy

    XenForo License Localhost Installation

    Hello, we are planning to buy the XenForo 2 license. I saw on some threads that we can install XenForo in 2 environments. My question is can we also install XenForo 2 in our multiple localhost but would breach the license agreement?
  5. MySiteGuy

    Xenforo Installation and Managed Xenforo hosting packages for new/existing forums

    Driven2 Services offers Xenforo 1.x and 2.x installation and upgrade services. We have been managing, installing and customizing forums and servers since 1997. If you would like recommendations from our clients, let us know! :) Xenforo Installation Service: $45 US. You must have a valid...