oman's XenForo Installation/Upgrade Services

Oman is a champion. Helpful, knowledgeable, reliable and quick. He goes the extra mile (or 1.6 Kilometer) to add vale.
I highly recommend his service.


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@oman recently helped us upgrade our VERY old XF site up to the latest and greatest XF version, plus spent considerable time researching and upgrading and tweaking a tonne of addons for us. Very helpful, very responsive, and very reasonably priced!
Had engaged Oman to do my installations and all I can say is that he's simply awesome.

He's good, have great patience (especially with a noob like me :() and does not mind answering questions even before I "hire" his help.

Thank you very much, Oman. You are superb! (y)


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Update - 18/07/2016

I have made some changes to my pricing. These changes can be found in the first post of this thread, and are effective at the time of this post.

Thank you to everyone for your kind words and continued business. :)