1. S

    XF 2.2 Delete install folder?

    Hi again all, Once Xenforo is installed, for security, should I delete the install folder? I don't recall seeing anything about this and before I make my forum public, I figure now is the time to do this if it is recommended. Any other security-related things to check before launching? Thanks!
  2. P

    XF 2.2 Fresh install. Requirements all ok. Error on Mysql-credentials

    We're evaluating Xenforo for our community and have bought the license for a longer term test run. Running on a VM in our own environment. All pre-requisites installed, testscript has run and "all good". Mysql database created with privileges given to created user and password. No matter what I...
  3. Up4Deal

    Up4Deal - Make your Forum Great Again !

    Ladies and gentlemen, We present you a new service for and only for XenForo 2.x Our available services: Installation Service Securing your XenForo Add-on installations Installation theme Forum Creation We will soon propose : The creation of add-ons Importing forums to XenForo 2 You...
  4. chaim2003

    XF 2.1 js and styles files not found after installation

    I've installed version 2.1.6 Patch 1. I use docker from I used default parameters, except host name. Installation passed without problem, however after install, I got problem with js and styles folders. While I'm opening any page, I get errors on any...
  5. Syed Jahangir ALi Bukhari

    XF 1.2 Installation Error

    Hello please look at these images and guide me whats wrong ? before this i installed and it was working. Regards
  6. J

    First Time Configuration On GoDaddy

    I have GoDaddy webhosting (Deluxe Web Hosting Windows) and am attempting to set up my first Xenforo forum. Following the instructions for installation of XenForo 2, I point my browser to the install folder and get this error: "PHP 5.4.0 or newer is required. 5.3.6 does not meet this...
  7. AppleAndMango

    XF 1.5 Folder Permissions

    I know the official Xenforo install guide tells you to CHMOD 0777 folders data and internal data, but is it just literally those folders? What about the files? Or should we chmod -R 0777 both the folders including files?
  8. Panupat

    XF 1.5 Install Xenforo to non-public directory.

    Hi guys. I want to serve the forum from /public_html/forum along with css/images. However for the actual forum scripts I want to put them in a non-public directory, say, /app/xenforo. Can Xenforo be configured to do that, and is there any guides around? Thanks.
  9. Tott3

    XF 1.5 Test Board Questions

    Hi, I've used Xenforo for quite a while now, but I have never used any "test installation". Now I'd like to set one up in a sub domain, the F.A.Q says it has to be password protected, how do I do this the easiest way? As there's no mention that unchecking "Board is Active" is enough, brings me...
  10. Reynan Alviola

    Fresh install Xenforo

    Hi everyone, I just want to ask a few questions before purchasing a xenforo license. Specifically system requirements for the installation. What is the minimum system requirement to have xenforo without being compromised? Next would be plugins. Can someone provide me with the basic plugins...
  11. garry420

    Guidance needed

    I have 1 forum for 1 website, now i want to install this forum on my other website. How to do it ? do i have to delete forum from 1st website and then install or i can keep installation on both website. Tnx
  12. tjrgg

    XF 1.5 Errors Upon Installing

    So, I'm administering a forum that is running on Debian 3.2.68-1+deb7u2 x86_64 GNU/Linux. It's using the nginx web server. The problem is that XenForo thinks that the permissions for the data directories are set to be unwritable. However, that is not the case, as the output below clearly shows...
  13. Donna Austin

    XF 1.5 Stuck on Step 4 - Install

    Hello all, Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. I am stuck on Step 4 from this page: When I type in www.ladiesactionnetwork/Xenforo/upload/install, I get the dreaded "Page cannot be found" error. Here is a pic of my FileZilla screen: Please...
  14. AnthonyManly

    Purchase and Installation of Addons

    Hi guys, please let me know if this has been posted elsewhere - wondering if you purchase to have you guys install and select 2 of the add ons, for example, does the $50 installation fee include the installation of the add ons? thanks Anthony
  15. Liam W

    XF 1.5 Template merge not possible after installing XFRM...

    Hi, I just installed XFRM (1.2.0 Beta 1) - it was not installed (well, it had been in the past, but I got rid of the license so uninstalled it). Once I'd installed it, I got a load of outdated templates: If I use the automatic merge all button, nothing happens (no errors or anything - is...
  16. oman

    oman's XenForo Installation/Upgrade Services

    UPDATE 3rd February 2019 - I am currently unable to take on forum work. Please check back later. Contact me if you have any queries or concerns. ----------- I am currently offering reliable XenForo installation and upgrade services to licensed XenForo owners. My aim is to provide a smooth...
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