XF 1.5 Template merge not possible after installing XFRM...

Liam W

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I just installed XFRM (1.2.0 Beta 1) - it was not installed (well, it had been in the past, but I got rid of the license so uninstalled it).

Once I'd installed it, I got a load of outdated templates:

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 20.26.23.png
If I use the automatic merge all button, nothing happens (no errors or anything - is this a bug?), and when I try and merge an individual template, I get this error:

No previous version of the parent could be found. Merging is not possible.
How do I merge the changes from the custom styles into the XFRM 1.2.0 templates (and no, I'm not doing it manually, hopefully).


Chris D

XenForo developer
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This can happen if your template history retention period has passed (old template history is pruned periodically), though also I guess if it wasn't currently installed but had been previously then that could answer it too.

Realistically, the solution is to merge manually or await updates to those styles. In most cases, where manually merging seems complicated, you will probably want to revert the template. Keep a copy of the existing template and manually add back any changes that may still apply.