XF 1.5 Stuck on Step 4 - Install

Donna Austin

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Hello all,

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

I am stuck on Step 4 from this page: https://xenforo.com/help/installation/

When I type in www.ladiesactionnetwork/Xenforo/upload/install, I get the dreaded "Page cannot be found" error.

Here is a pic of my FileZilla screen:
filezilla snapshot.webp

Please help if you can. I am not experienced in creating websites. I am attempting to get this forum set up on my daughter's new website. She wants me to direct the opening page to the login for the forum, but I can't even get the forum installation completed. The page currently is directed to Google's start page.
The publicly accessible web root would usually be inside the public_html directory. Therefore, it looks like you would need to move the "Xenforo" directory into the public_html directory, and then the XenForo install would be available at the URL you're using.
Hmmm....well, I didn't get the dreaded "Page Cannot Be Found". Instead, I got this screen and when I used my XenForo customer login, I received a new error:

The only password I have is the XenForo customer login one. Begging again for help.
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