1. Alfa1

    Lack of interest Rage Post Deletion Account lock

    All forums see it happening now and again. A member gets pissed about something someone else has said and deletes all his posts in a moment of rage. Even if the board does not allow members to delete posts. The member will simply blank out his posts. If the member has a lot of posts this wrecks...
  2. Azaly

    Lack of interest Allow to move/copy post for moderators from forum with rights to forum without rights

    One of the most common operation for my moderators team is moving posts/threads from one forum to another. But moderators can manage post/threads only within forum, where they have moderator rights. So I need give them full super moderator rights. That isn't good. I would be perfect to add this...
  3. W

    Fixed Soft deleted profile post comments automatically expanding which hide moderation information

    With the introduction of Xenforo 1.5.0., comments on profile posts can now be soft deleted; when deleted, they behave like deleted posts and their content is hidden behind a "This message has been removed by X" message along with a "Show" link. However, if these soft deleted comments are...
  4. W

    Lack of interest Add ability to select multiple profile post comments for moderation

    Just like the ability to select multiple posts in an thread for moderation, I believe the ability to select multiple comments on a profile post for moderation (which I believe is limited to deletion at this point) would be useful.
  5. Floyd R Turbo

    Add option to e-mail staff/admin/mods upon any moderation action

    What it says. I thought I was just missing this, but it's not in there at all. I personally have days where I don't get much time to check on my forums. As a result I've ended up with things hung up on the mod queue for days when I could have approved them immediately had I received an e-mail...
  6. Neutral Singh

    XF 1.4 Moderation Permissions

    Recently arranged my forum layout under some new categories, and all moderator permissions have gone for a toss! Can i simply set moderators for the newly created categories and all sub-forums under those categories have the same moderators with same powers? How do i do it? Or do i have to...
  7. Ralle

    Fixed Thread display inline moderation gets confused

    Navigate to a thread which you are permitted to moderate Select two posts using inline moderation On the post moderation popover you now see "Selected Posts: 2" Click "Thread Tools" -> "Select for Thread Moderation" On the post moderation popover you now see "Selected Posts: 1" Click "Thread...
  8. Stuart Wright

    Conversation Monitor 1.1.7

    Stop scammers from using private messages to scam your members What it does Conversation Monitor scans new private conversation messages for specific keywords. If it finds a match, it puts the message in the moderation queue and creates a thread in a forum showing details of the conversation...
  9. Daniel Hood

    Conversation Monitor [Paid]

    Daniel Hood submitted a new resource: Conversation Monitor - You can monitor keyword usage in conversations, ideal for catching scammers. Read more about this resource...
  10. V

    Implemented Batch Update Threads - Remove Thread Prefix

    I recently had to swap the location of threads between two forums, for this, I used the Batch Update Threads tool. I applied a new prefix to denote which ones would be moved, and which ones would remain. After all of this, I expected to be able to remove the thread prefix as a mass action, but...
  11. Iversia

    Auto Hide Reported Posts by Iversia

    Iversia submitted a new resource: Auto Hide Reported Posts by Iversia - Send reported content into moderation queue if it has reached the report threshold. Read more about this resource...
  12. X

    Crowd Moderation 1.2.2

    Crowd Moderation allows your user base to assist your moderation team. Reporting content can now result in content being soft deleted or added to the moderation queue. Once installed, the "Crowd Moderation Report Limit" permission must be configured There are 4 options in a new option group...
  13. Daniel Hood

    Crowd Moderation [Paid]

    Daniel Hood submitted a new resource: [XenMods] Crowd Moderation - Allow your userbase to moderate messages by reporting them. Read more about this resource...
  14. ThemeHouse

    Unmaintained [TH] User Moderation Queue on Front End 1.0.1

    What does this add-on do? This add-on adds a new moderator tool to allow your members with permission to manage the user moderation queue on the front end of your site: User moderation queue added to the front end; New permission to restrict access to this feature; Includes compatibility with...
  15. truonglv

    Avatar Moderation 1.1.4

    Permissions: There have some permissions which allow control add-on Exempt from avatar moderation: All users which has this permission will bypass avatar moderation. Can manage avatar moderation: Allow certain users of group which can manage avatars from other people Features: Send an notify...
  16. Jeremy P

    Report Alerts 2.2.2

    Alerts moderators of new reports and report changes. This add-on requires PHP 5.4+! Trying to install it on earlier versions will break your forum.
  17. Slavik

    Auto move locked threads.

    To go hand in hand with my other suggestion. I run a large classifieds on one of my forums, once a deal is done the thread is locked and moved to a graveyard to stop any confusion as to what are still acitve deals, and to log any...
  18. dutchbb

    Implemented [Suggestion] Hide the top moderation-bar when there are no new reports / items

    And when hidden, maybe a "Show moderation bar" to the right, hanging off the top (same as when logged out) just in case someone wants to see old reports. Advantage = a cleaner layout for mods, not taking up space when it isn't needed.
  19. Decent60

    [Suggestion] Enhanced Punishment system

    There are Mods/Addons out there that allow for such of a system, but I wish that it was coded into the core system to add to functionality. Some improvements (but not necessarily under the same name as these) that I was thinking about were: Warnings: Popup/alert screen (or more like the...
  20. The Sandman

    [Suggestion] Vote to Close Thread

    It might be nice to have an option whereby the members of the community could shut down an objectionable thread by voting it closed. This could be allowed on a per forum basis (rather than a global setting for all forums) with an admin defined number of votes needed to close the thread. I...