Add option to e-mail staff/admin/mods upon any moderation action

Agreed - this is a really essential missing feature. Traffic on our site is low but a fast response is crucial; lack of this option effectively means we can't use moderation. The sooner the better!

Floyd R Turbo

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This keeps chapping my hide that this isn't available. Just yesterday I had 2 sites where one had 2 moderated registrations and 1 moderated post, the other site had 1 moderated user, and no email. IIRC this was a default functionality in vB.


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I don't understand why little feature like that are not emplemented in Xenforo...
Dang man, there are 2 threads on this and that one has a lot more likes. Come on man, can't be that difficult!
I'm agree with you...
I fully agree with the OP, that this will be an useful thing to have built in xenforo. In meanwhile, I have developed an add on that will do this.
I don't understand why little feature like that are not implemented...
@wang thank you but 10$... no sorry. 4/5$, why not, but 10$... just for a notification when there is a new thread modareted... I'm not sure that a good deal ;)