Duplicate Add "Spam" link/option to posts in Moderation Queue


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This one seems pretty obvious, so we're surprised it doesn't exist.

The point of the Moderation Queue besides catching potential rule violations, is to catch potential spammers.

On our Forum, our Moderation rules catch around 9 spammers per day posting links as their first post.

However, since there is no Spam link in the Moderation Queue, and since this is the first post/profile post from these Spammers, we have to click on each "Posted:" link to then go to the page where the content is, to then have to click the Spam link to clear their spam and ban them. We have to do that for each Spammer and it is very time-consuming.

So please add a "Spam" link in the Moderation Queue so we can do it directly from there without having to go to a separate page for each user.

Even better, add it as one of the options (e.g. Do nothing, Approve, Delete, Mark as Spam), so we can spam-ban multiple users at once with just 1 click.

Thank you.


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We are very surprised to learn this was suggested almost a year ago and still has not been implemented. We will post in that other thread. Thank you.
Suggestions aren't always implemented in a short timescale and there can be various reasons for this, including technical ones. The most popular suggestion,
Advanced Navigation Tabs and Sub-Tabs, was suggested over 5 years ago and hasn't been implemented yet, though hopefully this will come at some point with XenForo 2.0.