Add-on Mod Tool - Minecraft Whitelist


Hello xenForo community,

I am looking for an add-on that will add an additional moderation tool to add or remove a forum user from my Minecraft whitelist.

Currently I have "mcusername" as a required field upon registration. From there if a user wants to be whitelisted, they must create an application on the forums. A mod/admin can then whitelist the player from the moderation tools.

I want the tool to add/remove the user's "mcusername" to the whitelist.txt file that is saved locally on the web.

I already have a plugin on my Minecraft server which will pull from the remote whitelist on the web and update ever 5 minutes.

The only requirement is that each user must be on their own line. Removing a whitelisted user must also remove the blank line.

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from ya'll soon. <3

I have developed this addon but I would like to know if a white line at the end of the file whitelist.txt can block the system on Minecraft?

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