Implement Google's Perspective (moderation;machine learning post/user toxicity API)


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While there is already a movement to create this as a third-party addon, this would seem to fit right into the philosophy and direction of the core product and current suite of moderation and filtering controls.

Being able to give moderators the ability to have a toxicity rating for a user (particularly in larger fora in which they may not have crossed paths before a report) would be a wonderful tool in terms of helping them shape their approach and action.

Giving users another tool to help them shape their own experience (according to various levels of sensitivity) or even filter down to the most meaningful content would, again, be a wonderful feature.

As so much of the online experience has migrated to lighter/smaller social interactions, making sure that our threads aren't themselves obstacles to discussion will go a long way toward keeping traditional fora relevant and in line with the tastes of those who want easy access to what matters to them. Moreover, having another tool to help keep controversial topics and channels under control means the loss of fewer users to conflict and the often inevitable end result of one faction "winning" through volume and numbers stifling both conversation and balance.

As noted above, there's promising discussion about a third-party mod (linked below), but when we talk about an external architecture playing a role in the core purpose of a discussion forum, there's an added confidence that comes from integration by those who know XF the best (the devs).
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