XF 1.5 Unapproved Threads/Messages Alert on Front Page?


Hello! I was wondering if anyone knows if this exists as built-in or as an add-on?

In IPB, it shows unapproved topics and unapproved messages. Does Xenofro have this function too?


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There's nothing built in which will show it per forum, but the mod queue at the top left will show a count of all moderated posts, and clicking it will list the posts.


Thank you for the reply! The reason we wanted this is to isolate the unapproved threads to specific boards (we have a lot including subboards). We also have a lot of users and unapproved threads/posts in tutorials and so forth. Is there a way to isolate them by 'boards'?

The problem with Moderation Queue is that they're set in a huge list including + editing the post like this: