XF 1.5 Moderation Queue Features


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Hi everyone, I have been searching the net and site for something to suit my needs. The moderation queue is giving me issues. I only get some of the information and I am limited in what I can do with it. I would imagine that I am not the only one.

The First Part
This part might be meh, "you have a link to the post in question". I just wish I could see images, custom fields or just a little more without having to click the link. It's already there so I would like to edit the item in the moderation and reject or approve it. Having the WYSIWYG editor there can be a huge help too when you want to fix some formatting and more on.

The Second Part
I only get 3 options. Do Nothing, Approve, or Delete. I am wondering if I missed a config or something. Having a reject with a reason, or more options like leaving a note to another admin/mod to leave it alone because of xyz. There is no way to let others know that it is being handled.

So just curious if I missed something. I didn't see an add-on for it and figure I would ask the smarter people here that know the in's and out's.
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