XF 1.5 How to turn off moderation?


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Hi -

My forum owners wish to turn off post moderation for new users. I am reading what seems like conflicting information about where and how moderation for new users is controlled. For example:

- the docs have a page about "Usergroup Promotions"(https://xenforo.com/help/user-group-promotions/) which seems to imply that I need to set up a group, then set up a promotion condition and a group that users will be migrated into after they meet the promotion condition. Seems to me this is already set up, that new users are moderated for the first 3 posts and then not moderated automatically after that, but I don't see any usergroups listed in my Usergroup Promotions area, nor have I set any up. So it doesn't seem like this is being handled here.
- another thread (https://xenforo.com/community/threads/turn-off-post-moderation.36353/) says that there are 2 permissions handling this, permissions for a) the specific forum and b) the "follow message moderation rules" setting for a specific usergroup. If I go into a specific forum and check node permissions, I don't see any specific permission that says anything about controlling user post moderation. If I go into usergroup permissions for a forum, I see that "Follow message moderation rules" is set to "allow" for every usergroup. So doesn't this mean that every user group is already following "message moderation rules" (whatever those are), because I was expecting to see unregistered/unconfirmed at "not set" for this setting and registered as "allow".

I have to say, I do like Xenforo's functionality, but the admin interface design could use some help from a UX/UI person, not a back-end developer. There's a reason why many software interfaces are written with controls labeled in easily understood language...

Anyway, any help appreciated, if you could point out what I'm missing here, I'd be grateful.



Chris D

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If the current behaviour you're seeing is that newly registered members have their first three posts moderated, then after that they can post as normal, the only way to actually achieve that automatically is via user group promotions. Well, there is one other mechanism, and that's Spam Phrases; but this wouldn't necessarily affect everyone... You can specify how many posts each user should have checked for spam content, and one of the ways we check for spam is via Spam Phrases which is set up in Admin CP > Options > Spam Management. I doubt this is set up to work so everyone's first 3 posts are triggered for approval, though.

So putting those two things aside, the only other way to handle this automatically is if you have an add-on installed which does this.


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Hi Chris - Thanks for pointing that out! That was the piece I was missing - I had set up the Spam Management so that if a URL or spam phrases were entered the message was always sent for moderation, unless the user had already successfully posted two messages.