Resources by Jeremy

[XI] License Validation Jeremy
Unmaintained [XI] License Validation 1.0.3
Automatic XenForo License Verification
Unmaintained Mini Avatar with Tag 1.0.2
Look into my eyes when you speak to me...
Unmaintained [XI] Help Manager 1.0.1
Help! I need somebody!
Unmaintained [XI] Tag 1.0.2
Adds a "Tag" link to posts
Understanding the XenForo Class Proxy System Jeremy
A brief explaination of XenForo's add-on execution chain.
Bring Original Redactor Colors back Jeremy
1.2 B1-B3 had a different color set than 1.2 B4 on.
Unmaintained Custom BB Code Manager v1.3.4
A robust and powerful system to provide custom bb-codes for your forums.
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