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Unmaintained [XI] Help Manager 1.0.1

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.2
  2. 1.3
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[XI] Help Manager is a simple add-on, but it allows administrators the ability to expand the help section with no PHP programming knowledge.

Its simplicity lies in the auto-generation of everything an administrator needs to be their page including:
  • Route
  • PHP Code to display it
  • Link within the help section
  • Page template
  • Title Phrase
I'll let the screenshots explain the rest:
No Pages Found.webp

Create Page.webp

Page List.webp

Edit Page.webp

Main Help Screen.webp

Added Page.webp

  • Full XenForo template syntax is supported, use it to your advantage.
  • Automatic creation of everything, as well as automatic updating and removal.
  • Access to creating & managing pages is accomplished via Administrator permissions.
  • Disable default pages:
    Disable Pages.webp
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Latest updates

  1. Friendly URL Fix

    This update provides support for full friendly URLs (my development environments do not use...
  2. Bug Fixes & Full Release

    Officially calling this 1.0.0. This update includes: Admin Navigation Breadcrumbs Delete from...
  3. Bug Fixes

    Includes the install code (whoops). Fixes a syntax error for PHP 5.2+.

Latest reviews

It works well but would be nice if it had an editor integrated with it, I'm not the biggest fan of making these kinds of pages with html
Great add-on, it performs what really should be a core feature. Fortunately this add-on does a great job. I will be looking forward to when you add the ability to manage the help page index also. Thanks!
Saved me :)
Very useful. I was using node page system to create my Privacy Policy page, and now I did it with this great add-on.
Very helpful tool, thank you so much
A nice useful add on!
Amazing plugin and saves a lot of time from manual help page creation. Also quick and awesome support! Thank you Jeremy!
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