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Unmaintained [XI] License Validation 1.0.3

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  1. 1.2
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This simple add-on will automatically verify user's license status via XenForo's License API. Once validated, it adds the user to a configurable secondary group where additional privileges can be added.
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  1. Upload files in the ZIP
  2. Install add-on XML
  3. Set options found in User Options
This add-on comes with 2 options:
  • Secondary User Group (what they are added to after being validated)
  • Validate Domain: If turned on, a user will not be validated if the validation token and domain do not match.
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This add-on does not store any validation codes or reverify down the line. It may come in a future update depending on how many users request it. A disclaimer for this update has been added in v1.0.1.
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Latest updates

  1. Secure Updates

    This update brings the validation in line with XenForo's update to HTTPS, which was long over...
  2. Bug Fixes

    This update provides primarily bug fixes and fixes the following items: Access to the...
  3. Maintenance Release: v1.0.1

    This release addresses two issues: Users couldn't re-validate if manually removed from the...

Latest reviews

A very important and essential add-on for confirming licensed customer status. It allows for promoting validated users to a defined user group, making it easy to assign permissions and control access.
Works great! We're now using this on TAZ to identify XF licensees for additional user markup and limit access to Resource Manager downloads relating to XenForo.
This is very helpful, thank you :)
Just installed this @ExtraLicense.com
This way Scammers shouldn't be able to fake licenses anymore as simple as before.

Nice addon!
very nice and useful add-on
Excellent work. Thank you for sharing this with us KK.
Very useful! Thank you, KK!
Excellent! Thank you for sharing ;)
Another excellent resource, nice job KK.
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