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Unmaintained [XI] License Validation 1.0.3

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This update brings the validation in line with XenForo's update to HTTPS, which was long over due.

You may upgrade your XML, but the only change is in the files.
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This update provides primarily bug fixes and fixes the following items:
  • Access to the verification system requires the user to be logged in.
  • The add-on now removes records added to the database when the user group is added. Note: This does not remove the user from the validation group.
v1.0.2 also brings the minimum required version from 1.0.x to 1.2.x and utilizes Template Modifications. As such, the following files should be removed from when you upload the update:
  • library/XI/LicenseValidation/CodeEvent/* (directory is no longer necessary)
To support one of the bug fixes, there is a new Install file:
  • library/XI/LicenseValidation/Install.php
This release addresses two issues:
  1. Users couldn't re-validate if manually removed from the validated user group. If the system is submitted, it will remove the validation upgrade and reapply it if proper validation happens.
  2. Make the success more clear by changing the "Your changes have been saved." message on success to "You are now a validated XenForo license holder."
This update also adds a small disclaimer stating that license information is not stored.
Lets just call that a tired mistake.
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