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Unmaintained Custom BB Code Manager v1.3.4

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As per title, fixes a security issue in v1.3.x.
Again, Cédric did a wonderful job at providing a solid update. Here's the change log:
  • spoiler code rewrite (fixes javascript)
  • updates to the caching system
  • Fixed BBCode parsing after disabling BBCM
  • French translation
  • BBCodes can be edited from the button manager
  • Fixed a bug within the class creation for a disabled button
  • Works with Chris' Add-on installer
Enjoy. :)
Cédric did some wonderful work on some bug fixes.
Quick fix to v1.3 to fix upgrades. If you upgrade it again it'll properly work.
Thanks to the wonderful contributions of Cédric (cclaerhout) v1.3 is now available and ready for your consumption. This update is 100% his doing, and it works marvelously. I'd like to thank him for the hard work and time spent on this!

So, without further ado, I give you the changes:
  • EDITOR INTEGRATION!With 1.3, you are now able to add buttons to the TinyMCE editor with either CSS or uploading images. He provides a great interface for this!
  • TinyMCE Button Management
    You'll notice a new link under BBCM's: "Buttons Manager" will allow you to modify the layout of the editor buttons and allow you to add your custom BBCode's buttons wherever you want.
  • No more template edits! The edits to the help page are now completed automatically without the need for the above template editor.
  • Modification of the tag is now possible
  • Active tags are cached for external applications use
  • The base now reduces extraneous queries caused by BBCM.
  • Default spoiler tag is phrased and includes a new js-disabled mode.
I have been alerted to an exploit within the spoiler tag, and this update addresses these issue.

v1.2.2 also includes a phrased "Show Spoiler" and "Hide Spoiler" for use within the Spoiler Tag.
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