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Big thanks to the Forumcube team :)
They have handled our migration from VBB to XF and developed a complex and custom theme to our requirements and the results are great. Good communications and these guys seem to work all around the clock to get the job done. Highly recommended :)
So I have been working with Forumcube for a few years now. They have done some small projects for me and some really big projects for me.

So far there has been nothing they couldn't handle. They are extremely professional and do very good work.

They have been able to accomplish things that I did not think was possible at all and I have had A LOT of customizations done.

I have used them for over 10+ projects....they have done custom add-ons for me, custom software, custom themes, migrations, and more.

Highly highly recommended and I'll be using them for as long as I can.
I am the site owner of http://www.ozdoc.com

I just like to say that last year, I was looking for a competent and reasonable developer for my website which include a Wordpress-based site and a Xenforo based forum
In my past experience, it has been difficult to find a reliable, professional and capable webdesigners on the web randomly and most of my previous experiences has been developers who are full of promises while trying to get my business and usually ended up either not sticking to time schedule, blowing budget, not-as-promised work or loss of post-development support.

So when Fahad from Forumcube contacted me on Xenforo offering to do the job, I was a little cynical and guarded. However, it was necessary work so I went ahead with Forumcube for my project. Here are my experiences:

1. Professional - Fahad and his team has been professional and courteous. He has been able to explain each step of what they were going to do clearly
2. Accountable- Forumcube has been able to hold themselves to accountable to most of what they promise, which is rare in today's enviorment
3. Communication- I never had trouble contacting Fahad and he always responds to me in timely manner. Once again, it is a rarity nowadays
4. Quality of work - Overall, the design of my website is nice from Forumcube, considering the price

Not so good:
1. The main issue I had with Forumcube regarding this project is that I had to do 90% of bug-finding / error-finding myself. After I was presented with the "completed" website/forum, despite specifying what I need, there were quite a fair bit of errors/design errors with the website which I seem to have to point out one by one. I would have thought that those trivial errors should have been scanned/picked up by the design team prior to presentation of the website to me. These design errors include simple things like tables overlapping with another, polls on the website not displaying properly, errors of the website not displaying correctly on some web browsers. I had to search for all these primary surveillance myself and asked them to correct one by one.

Overall, I would say it's been a good experience working with Fahad and his team. I wouldn't say it's a perfect one but I would recommend them to people who are looking for web developers who are reliable. Just make sure you check carefully after they present the "completed" product to you.


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Review: 9.5/10

Worked with ForumCube on a fairly complex extension of an add-on - short version: they were awesome!

  • Went above and beyond in supporting us to solve any bugs identified
  • Add-on was virtually bug free, demonstrating their dedication to testing their add-ons
  • Responsive to all feedback, even minor requirement changes - this was huge as we flushed out what we exactly needed
  • Fantastic communication every step of the way - a team that clearly understand client service
  • Cost - ForumCube is not cheap, but they are certainly worth it - at the end of the day you get what you pay for and if you're running a significantly sized forum you cannot sacrifice quality

Would certainly recommend ForumCube, especially for any complex/large projects as I believe this is where they truly excel! Will certainly be using ForumCube in the future.
Hired this team again for a large custom development project. They we're able to take my design and implement it into a sleek working theme almost exactly like my mock-up.

They seem to really specialize in customization.

If you're looking into making regular or even highly customized changes to your site I would strongly look into hiring this team.
ForumCube was one of the first companies to reach out for me when we we were looking for help with a migration and an evolution in our site. I really appreciated their patients when talking to us since we don't speak "computer-ese", if we had trouble conveying our thoughts and vision they helped us through expresssing it and made sure that they understood what we were asking. Their communication was great, they talked to and with us and not at us and never tried to impress or overwhelm us. Our job was relatively small but we felt like we were treated on par with their biggest clients. With any migration there are glitches but how they are addressed shows the character of a company, they addressed all of these minor issues head on and not once did they make excuses and all were resolved in a timely manner...even after they were paid.


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Score: 10.0/10.0

Reviews here speak for themselves. These guys are good. Quick breakdown things I like:

- They're flexible
- They'll work around you hours if need be
- They will help in emergency situations
- They will truly take their time and be careful with their work
- I really like working with their team. Professional and it's the type of guys you just want to work with. Others I've worked with in the past you have to push them to get the job done. These guys can really co-exist with you.
- The coding is very well organized. It's not scattered around and detailed. Co-exists well with the xenforo default software and doesn't break other plugins you may have.
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10 out of 10.

First time I've ever had a forum so am new to the whole thing and can't thank these guys enough.

ForumCube were very easy to work with, great communication and a lot of patience. Everything asked for was completed with no issues. Basically they provided a 1st class service.

Then some weeks later I decided to go to https. The hosting company handled the migration and I followed the guide to moving to https but was getting all mixed content warnings. To cut a long story short the hosting company weren't exactly helpful and after trying different advice from various threads I was getting nowhere so I got back on to ForumCube. They were again extremely helpful and even though the issues had nothing to do with them after some time looking into it they sorted the whole thing out, and at no cost.

Definitely recommended.
I have used ForumCube a few times and every time they have impressed me! Great communication, and they can handle anything you put in front of them. Thanks Fahad and the ForumCube team!!