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and the width of the sidebar in because there is responsive CSS setting the width to auto

.Responsive .sidebar {
width: auto;


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What is the CSS Code to move the Login-Link into the Navbar and Style it accordingly? That would look much nicer!

Mike Creuzer

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Audentio updated UI.X with a new update entry:

Upgraded to 1.2.1 and bug fixes

  • Theme was upgraded to 1.2.1.
  • Body style property given 320px min-width
  • Breadcrumb style property @uix_breadcrumbHeight now adjusts arrows and quick navigation
  • Breadcrumb responsive, was missing height variable
  • Logo no longer overlaps search icon
  • Sticky navigation now has a height variable
  • Footer links and top link now adjust to a new variable, @uix_footerHeight in response to footer not working well with gutter width properties
  • Subforums styled like .level_2 index...
Read the rest of this update entry...

Mike Creuzer

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Updated changelog with proper props (Thanks @MattW :p)

Due to a bug in our changelog system at audentio.com, redownload now. Sorry for the trouble.


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Good call, I remember telling myself to fix that but I forgot. Will be patched.

BTW, all license holders can now download from audentio.com the normal way, we fixed the bug.
The double line in Responsive is still present from what I can see.