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The move to Xenforo happened a while back, and it’s already been posted about on this forum by others. Still, we're very happy with the end result and since we’re coming up on the anniversary of the move, I wanted to post about it here and share a few comments with the Xenforo Community.

From over on the cPanel Blog:

“The experience of moving this long established community to Xenforo and creating a new look for the forums the way we did it was exciting, even with the few bumps in the road. Mike and Jake from Audentio Design worked with us late into the night during the original conversion process, and their knowledge proved to be invaluable.

The move itself, to new software and the new style, went about as smooth as it could have gone on the public side of things too. So smooth in fact that we got only a small handful of complaints (or approvals) about the changes to the forums at all. Xenforo software, and Audentio Design made that possible.

You can read the full blog post here:
Keeping the cPanel Community In Style - cPanel Blog

Thank you, Xenforo Team and Audentio Design!
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